The Manufacturing Process of Wood Grain Aluminium Sheet

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The Manufacturing Process of Wood Grain Aluminium Sheet

The wood look aluminiumwood look aluminum plays an important role in the furniture industry. Its quality directly affects the furniture quality. If the finished wood grain aluminum plate is not qualified in the manufacturing process, sealing problems will occur like exploding.
The wood look aluminum sheet is of superior decoration function. There are many types of wood grain aluminum with a variety of colors. The The process of producing wood look aluminum is mostly a thermal transfer process, rather than a common spraying technique. This is because the color of the wood grain is relatively complicated.
wood look aluminum
Thermal transfer process is better than paint spraying and its cost is relatively low. is mainly applied to the appearance of various ABS, PP, plastics, wood, coated metals and other commodities. The thermal transfer film can be planned and produced according to the customer’s request, and the picture can be transferred to the surface of the workpiece through hot pressing to improve the product level.
This technology can be divided into transfer film printing and transfer processing. The wood look aluminum choose transfer film printing. Before this,the aluminum sheet need some pre-treatment, including sheet metal forming and cleaning. The specific manufacturing process includes:
1.The wood grain aluminum sheet has been processed and cleaned.
2.Select customized wood grain heat transfer paper to wrap the aluminum sheet and fix the paper interface with high temperature resistant adhesive paper to prevent the wood grain heat transfer paper from loosening. The transfer surface of the wood grain aluminum sheet should be affixed to the front side of the wood grain heat transfer paper.
3.The following step is baking. The baking temperature and time should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the substrate to be transferred and the depth of the surface texture to be transferred.
4.Take out the baked wood grain aluminium sheet, tear off the heat transfer paper, and clean the surface.
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