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Quality control of color coated aluminum coils

Haomei controls its quality of color coated aluminium coil in the following five aspects.

1. The quality of the painting is inseparable from the blending of the pigments. Only when the paint is properly blended and mixed evenly, can the color of the printed pattern be smooth and beautiful. Therefore, when the pigment is uniformed and mixed, it is necessary to ensure that the coating has no agglomeration and moderate viscosity to ensure that the pigment is uniform and easy to coat.

2. The defoamer should be added to the color coated aluminium coil paint as required during the mixing process to reduce the foam generated by the machine during the mixing process. However, the more defoamer is added, the better its efficiency. The addition amount should be reasonable and appropriate. The mixed paint should be allowed to stand for a period of time before being used on the roller, and the amount of bubbles in the paint should be controlled as little as possible.

a roll of white color coated aluminium coil

3. When selecting the base material, it is necessary to strictly select aluminium rolls with higher flatness and intact shape as the raw material of the color-coated aluminium coil as much as possible, and handle it with care during the transportation process, and strictly forbid crit Loading and unloading. In view of the scratches that may occur during the processing process, preventive measures must be taken to ensure that the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate production process is free from scratches in terms of raw materials and process procedures.

4. Strictly control the use of defective rollers on the machine, pay attention to changes in paint consumption. If there is a large change in paint consumption, the pressure between the coating roller and the fixing roller may change, and the pressure between the rollers must be readjusted. In addition, the paint is batch-mixed continuously during the use of the paint, and the viscosity of the paint is detected in time to check the flatness of the roller before painting, and it is forbidden to use the unqualified roller on the machine.

5. The coating process is a key operation link for color coated aluminium coils, and it is also a decisive process that determines the quality of color coated sheets. For coatings, the proportion of paint must be strictly adjusted according to the given proportion, and it is strictly forbidden to use different production batches for the mixing of alternate color paints. Before painting, it is necessary to make the paint used evenly spread on the coating roller as much as possible, and to ensure the flatness of the plate, only when the pressure of the coating roller is uniform, can the thickness of the terminal coating film be uniform and consistent.

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