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What Are Aluminum Coil Stock Colors

The colored aluminum and plain aluminum are two common building decoration materials. They are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy and are surface-treated, which are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to process. However, there are also some obvious differences between them, mainly reflected in the following aspects:


The aluminum coil stock colors of the coated aluminum coil are very rich while the ordinary aluminum alloys only have one or two colors, usually silvery white or golden yellow.

The color of colored aluminum is achieved by applying a special coating on the surface of the aluminum plate. This coating can resist the erosion of harsh environments such as ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and salt spray, and maintain color stability and durability.

The color of ordinary aluminum alloys is achieved by anodizing treatment on the surface of the aluminum plate. This treatment can increase the hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum plate, but the range of color choices is small.


The thickness of color aluminum is generally between 0.2mm and 0.8mm, which can be selected according to different uses and requirements. There is no unified standard for the thickness of ordinary aluminum alloys, and some are even less than 0.1mm.


The price of colored aluminum is much higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy. Because the production process of colored aluminum is complicated and requires multiple processes such as oxidation, coloring, and coating.

Application scope

The coated aluminum coil is widely used in building exterior walls, doors, windows, curtain walls, ceilings, partitions and other fields due to its beautiful appearance, durability and environmental protection, while ordinary aluminum alloys are mainly used in industry, transportation, electronics and other fields.

Colored aluminum can be matched and designed according to architectural style and individual needs to increase the beauty and grade of the building. Ordinary aluminum alloys are more used to manufacture machine parts, vehicle components, circuit boards and other products to improve product performance.

What is roller coated aluminum

The roller coating method refers to applying the organic coating evenly on the aluminum coil through a roller coater after pretreatment on the surface of the aluminum coil, and then through drying, solidification, cooling and other processes to form a color coating with a certain thickness and performance.

The roller coating method can achieve single-sided or double-sided color coating, or multi-layer or multi-color color coating to meet different needs and effects. The advantages of the roller coating method are high production efficiency, stable quality, rich colors and patterns, and low cost.

The disadvantages of the roller coating method are large equipment investment, high maintenance costs, and high requirements for raw materials and coatings. Haomei Aluminum has aluminum coil stock of rich colors like black coil stock. Welcome to leave message below o inquire what you need.

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