Why is Color Coated Aluminum Glossless

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Why is Color Coated Aluminum Glossless

Color coated aluminum sheets and coils are a type of composite material containing chemicals and aluminum alloys. Although color coated aluminum sheet products win increasing popularity with excellent decorative effects and strong aging resistance, many users find that the products they use are glossless. This problem may stem from two reasons: unreasonable chemical proportions and inappropriate processing methods.

Solution to Inappropriate Processing Methods

1. The temperature of each furnace should be set within a reasonable scope, neither too high nor too low.

2. Check whether the fineness of paintings fed into the machine meets relative process 3. requirements.

3. The paintings must be mixed thoroughly and filtered before being fed into the coating machine, and the amount of diluent should not be excessive.

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4. The humidity in the rolling space must be kept under a reasonable control. No alien water should be allowed to come into the space.

5. Make sure that the diluent and the painting match each other, and that the thickness of the painting is not too thin.

Solution to Unreasonable Chemical Proportions

1. Most of chemicals contain 0.2% zirconium and titanium.

2. In order to determine the appropriate numerical hindrance, the observed or calculated values obtained from the analysis are based on the standard rule ANSI Z25.1 to express a clear range.

3. Elemental properties of combinations are expressed in high percentages unless a range or value is listed.

4. The content of aluminium in non-alloyed color coated aluminum coils, which is not refined, is the difference between the total amount of other metals and pure aluminium – the difference is 0.01% or slightly more, and the second decimal place in the ratio of 100 parts.

5. Except for non-alloys, the elements specified in alloys of color coated aluminum coils are usually indicated in the analysis report, but if other elements are suspected or some elements are suspected to be excessive during the analysis, further analysis should be carried out until proven.

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