Features and Possible Problems of Aluminum Trim Coil for Exterior Decoration

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Features and Possible Problems of Aluminum Trim Coil for Exterior Decoration

Aluminum Trim coil, in place of glass, stone and wood products, is more and more widely applied to exterior decoration in recent years.

Nothing catches on for no reason. Aluminum trim coil wins popularity in home decoration industry for its competitive advantages over other materials. First, it has smaller density and therefore is lighter than many other metal alloys, not to mention glass and stone. Second, it’s strong with unique force property. Third, it can be coated with any possible color or design, which helps to meet all kinds of decoration needs. Fourth, aluminum trim coil is featured with high degree of flatness on the surface. Fifth, it has excellent weather resistant ability which can last at least 20 years even in harsh environment. Sixth, it’s convenient to be processed by cutting, drilling, chamfering etc. Seventh, it’s fire-proof, which is extremely essential for exterior decoration. Last, 100 percent of the coil for exterior decoration can be reused. And the cost for daily maintenance is very low. No wonder aluminum trim coil for exterior decoration is so popular all over the world with so many advantages above.

aluminum trim coil for exterior decoration

However, every coin has two sides. Some possible problems still need to be paid attention to in the application of aluminum trim coil to exterior decoration. First, the coil may change color or get discolored. This problem is mainly caused by wrong choice of relative coil types. Aluminum trim coil can be divided into coils for interior decoration and exterior decoration. The two types are covered by different coatings. Normally the coil for interior decoration is less weather resistant than exterior type. If the former is applied to exterior decoration, the color problem may soon come up. Second, the boards may fall apart with the passage of time. This answer for this question is almost the same as the previous one—wrong choice of adhesive agent between interior and exterior types.

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