How to Install Aluminum Coil in Interior Decoration

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How to Install Aluminum Coil in Interior Decoration

With rapid development of modern construction industry, numerous new materials are being put into use, including aluminum coil, especially color coated type. No interior decoration of any kind can avoid using aluminum product any more, thus it’s crucial for workers of the industry to learn some further processing and installation skills.

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Before installing workers should measure the size of targeted area and have necessary further processing of a piece of aluminum coil. Infrared distance meter proves to be a good tool. It’s worth mentioning that the last piece of each installation area should remain unprocessed until full statistics are available. Sticking turn out to be a proper way to connect single pieces of aluminum coil together. The sticking thickness must be even between two boards. Temporary fastening measures should be taken during installation and should not be lifted too soon.

For individuals in need of interior decoration for new houses or shops, it’s recommended to pay attention to both quality and brand in choosing aluminum coils. If you want further process of the coils, it’s very important to choose a reliable manufacturer of good words, which will save much necessary trouble in the future.

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