Possible Reasons for Bubbles and Chips of Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

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Possible Reasons for Bubbles and Chips of Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

In the production of color coated aluminum sheet, bubbles and chips may come into being on the surface of sheets. It’s usually not efficient to take only one table measure, because there are various possible reasons for this.


Possible reasons for bubbles and chips of color coated aluminum sheet include problems with pressing containers, lubricants, ingots and unreasonable operation. The pressing container and its pressure pad may be worn too much. The pad may have too big a size to match the container. The container may be covered with oil, water or graphite which should have been cleaned off before replacing one sheet with another. The lubricants must not contain water. Bubbles and chips will also appear if the depth and quantity of flutes surpass reasonable numeric values, or if there are air holes, sand holes, loose structures and oil on the surface of aluminum ingots. The temperature of ingots and pressing containers must be kept under control. Besides, unreasonable operation can also lead to bubbles and chips of color coated aluminum sheet. If the ingot is too long and fed too quickly, its temperature will be not even, which causes incomplete air exhaust. The air remaining inside generates bubbles on the surface or make the surface peeled. Neglect of air venting procedure can also lead to bubble problem. Anther possible problem about operation is unreasonable tackling of defective materials which are brought onto the surface of color coated aluminum sheet.

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