Three Factors Affect the Quality of Color Coated Aluminum Coil

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Three Factors Affect the Quality of Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Color coated aluminum coil have a wide range of applications in many places, its production process is quite complex and strict, especially in terms of painting, in order to ensure its coating effect, we must ensure that the following three aspects to meet certain requirements, then the products can achieve the standard in order to produce high-quality color coated aluminum coil in order to meet the requirements of the majority of users, and the aluminum enterprises will be more competitive than the competitors.

1. Raw materials.

Coatings materials and aluminum plates are the most influential factors in the coating effect. Due to the color difference between the batches of the coating, the fineness of the coating is not enough and the coating rate is not high, the paint and solvent are poor, directly affect the coating effect and produce defects color coated aluminum coil, which substrate is not smooth, uneven thickness, edge deflection is also a direct impact on product quality and overall use. Therefore, in the choice of raw materials, it should be strictly controlled.

2. The equipment.

Painting line requirements intact painting equipment, painting equipment requires smooth operation, can not have horizontal, vertical jitters, coating roller requires grinding . All the rollers of the coating machine should be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the surface quality of the coating will be seriously affected.

3. The process.

The coating process is closely related to the quality of the coating. It is required that the relative wire speed ratio of the coating roller, the paint roller, the measuring roller and the substrate be controlled within a certain range. According to the different systems and the coating thickness of the product, the paint should be set in a certain degree of viscosity to ensure smooth coating to promote the improvement of the product quality.

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