Application of 1050 Aluminum Circle

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Application of 1050 Aluminum Circle

As one of the most widely applied aluminum alloy, 1050 aluminum circle shares advantages of 1xxx aluminum alloys. It has good anti-rust property, because the element of aluminum reacts to oxygen in the air easily and produces a type of protective layer on the surface, which proves to be really hard to penetrate for most corrosive elements. It’s of smaller strength than aluminum alloys of other series, because it’s pure aluminum almost without any other elements. Aluminum alloys of other series, however, include one or two other elements to obtain certain desired properties like stronger hardness. 3003 aluminum alloy contains Mn, 5005 contains Mg and 6061 both. Weaker hardness of 1050 aluminum circle enables it to show excellent workability and makes it easy to be processed by deep drawing, pressing, casting or spinning. Besides, it boasts perfect heat and electricity conductivity.

1050 aluminum circle

1050 aluminum circle covers a wide range of application. First, it proves to be good material for lighting covers. Although natural pure aluminum can not compete with stainless steel in brightness, it can be anodized and polished to obtain satisfying brightness which can reflect light in a proper way. Further more, it’s easier to coat anodized aluminum circlewith various colors which will last for decades without fading. This adds decorative function to a light. Second, it can be processed into kinds of containers for various materials. Big aluminum basins remain popular in the countryside for washing clothes. Smaller ones serve to be basins for washing face, vegetables etc. Very small circles can be made into tubes for cosmetics, chemicals and medicine products. Third, 1050 aluminum circle functions as perfect raw material for cookware. Pots prove to be the most popular type. They are usually used to boil water owing to extraordinary heat conductivity.

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