Why Does Coating of Painted Aluminum Coil Go off

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Why Does Coating of Painted Aluminum Coil Go off

Many people find it easy for the coating of painted aluminum coil to go off. The coil is unattractive in look and influences practical usage as well. The why does the coating go off?

painted aluminum coil

The main reason is that you have bought painted aluminum coil of low quality in pursuit of low price. Bear in mind that price always matches quality. Some manufacturers pay little attention to coating steps in order to improve efficiency. The coil is usually coated with much remaining chemicals and other materials on the surface. As a result, paintings fail to coat the surface as expected. The other common problem falls on excessive thickness of paint coating, which proves to be a usual phenomenon with low class cheap painted aluminum coils. When you pick among coils of similar thickness, try to figure out their coating thicknesses. Some manufacturers can coat 0.5mm thick painting onto a piece of 0.5mm thick coil. Therefore, coils of the same thickness may differ a lot.

To avoid the trouble of coating going of with painted aluminum coil, the most efficient way is to buy from reliable suppliers who boasts advanced production line, skilled workers and mature production rules. Haomei Aluminum, professional manufacturer with decades of production history and over ten years of exporting experience to tens of countries, supplies kinds of aluminum coil of competitive prices. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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