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Color Coated Aluminum Mirror Sheet Metal for Decoration

The color coated aluminum mirror sheet metal refers to color coated aluminium sheet with a good reflectivity. The combination of reflectivity and painting add to decorative styles of aluminum mirror sheets. Sheets with lighter colors generally have higher productivity rates.

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Color coated aluminum mirror sheet metal covers a wide range of application in decoration. It can be used as exterior wall panels, interior decorative boards, furniture panels, advertising plates and gate covers etc. Painting colors can be chosen in accordance with design styles of buildings and rooms. Golden sheets add to luxurious elements to a grand hotel hall yet mixed colors make a KTV room more mysterious and modern. Common aluminum mirror sheets have a reflectivity of around 90%, but color coated sheets are generally less reflective, because color paintings diffuse part of the travelling light. In spite of this, their reflectivity is enough for usual mirroring requirements. Color coated aluminum sheets may have even stronger corrosion resistance than regular mirror sheets, for they have been anodized before being painted. The purpose of anodizing is to generate a layer of protective film on the surface of aluminium sheets that have a natural protective function by producing a protective layer of oxidized aluminum upon exposed to the air.

Color coated mirror aluminium sheet metal include alloys of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series. In addition to decoration, they are also applied to domestic appliances, electronic products, traffic signs, packing for high-end products etc.

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