How to Protect Color Coated Aluminium Coil Surface

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How to Protect Color Coated Aluminium Coil Surface

Color coated aluminium coil serves as an important raw material for decorative products like composite plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, wall cladding, shutters, roofing sheets, ceilings, home appliances, water pipes, various tanks etc. In spite of strong weather resistance, painted aluminium coil surface might be scratched or damaged during both production and delivery processes.

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One possible reason for non-smooth surface of color coated aluminium coil is that aluminum ingots have impurities on the surface. In other words, the raw material is not of good quality. As a result, finished coils would have scratch-like surfaces. Impurities on the outlet rail or swaying bed also tend to damage the surface of pre-painted aluminum coils. Therefore, the rod jaw should not be made to move too fast while it send the coils onto the swaying bed. The coils should be separated from hard things with a piece of soft material and it’s forbidden to drag them along the floor during delivery.

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