How to Apply Pre Painted Aluminum Coil Properly

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How to Apply Pre Painted Aluminum Coil Properly

With its delicate surface and excellent quality pre painted aluminum coil has won popularity with many customers (Color Coated Aluminum Coil as the Most Popular Aluminum Type). The coil is applied as advertising boards, sign boards, separation boards, gate covers, roofing boards in various circumstances. However prominent something is, it can fully display its advantages only through proper applying methods. Pre painted aluminum coil is of no exception to this general rule.

pre painted aluminum coil

First, make sure the temperature remain within normal scope while putting it into service for the first time. If the coil is used as ceiling roof, its angle against the ground should be more than 10 degrees. Second, check the pre painted aluminum coil before installing it onto the house, ensuring there are no problems like wearing damages, cracks or deformations on the surface. These problems, once spotted, should be solved immediately. A common recommendation is to replace the defective coil with a new piece. In this way its service life can be guaranteed efficiently. Third, bolt heads fastening the coil must be sealed with materials of strong water resistance so that water will not leak onto the heads which get rusty once exposed to water. This proves to be essential especially when the coil is used as ceiling roofs. Fourth, if you need to further process pre painted aluminum coil, make sure that the temperature in the workshop is above 7 degrees. Roller gaps must be adjusted in accordance with thickness of coatings. Alien materials should be eliminated in time from the rollers.

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